Generic City # 8

From Megacities To Urban Regions: The Birth Of The Generic

This essay introduces the evolution of the city from its beginnings until nowadays highlighting socioeconomic relations and scientific innovations that mostly influenced the impulse to change and create new conformations and structures that promised to be paradigmatic for the city of the future. The introductory part synthesizes the work of Soja on the history and…

The Elven Valley

Holotropic Landscapes: An Investigation into the Phenomenology of Photography and Landscape

This essay introduces my work Holotropic Landscape through the lens of phenomenology, directed toward photography, the landscape and the fabric of reality. I begin by elucidating the concept of holotropy and relate it to Bergson’s concept of intuition and the phenomenology of perception of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, positing the differences and similarities between holographic and the…

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